Raven's Razors & Darknight Soaps


Beautifully restored vintage straight razors & incredibly sumptuous soaps.


Vintage Razors Restored
Kinfolks Wedge
Vintage Razor
Kinsfolk Wedge
Vintage Razor
Cremer's Special Wedge
Vintage Straight Razor
Cremer's Special Wedge
Vintage Straight Razor
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Gorgeous Vintage Straight Razors

You deserve elegance and style.

These wonderful vintage straight razors each have an unique history and spirit.

Give yourself, or a loved one, a gift of lasting value…

Soaps & Brushes

Lather. Razor. Soap. Brush. Shave.

Nothing beats a quality shaving brush and sumptuous soap for a luxurious lather and a perfect shave.

Quality shaving soaps are non-toxic and are specially formulated to make your skin feel wonderful while creating big lather, long lasting wetness, and super smoothness. Go ahead, you deserve the richness….

Hones & Strops

Hones. Strops. Shave. Vintage. Beauty int he Shave.

Hones & strops keep your blade sharp and keen.

 A lovely selection of vintage hones and beautiful strops for your enjoyment and use….

Services & Appearances

Why not bring grand-dad’s old razor back to life?

Get advice on restoring that little piece of history or have it restored, cleaned, and made shave-ready….

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